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You Want to Sell Lots of Courses,
and It's Way Harder Than You Ever Realized.

Not only are people's attention spans getting shorter,
the competition for that attention is getting tougher,
deciphering what people will actually buy is hard to predict,
and if you can't do it, you won't make it.

That's just the way it is.

And it gets even worse...

The Usual Strategies Just Don't Work Anymore

1. Offering deep discounts or sales on courses.

2. Creating more courses to have more offers available.

3. Spending a lot of money on marketing and advertising.

1. Offering deep discounts or sales on courses may seem like a good way to attract more customers, but in reality, it devalues your content and makes it harder to charge full price in the future. And, it attracts bargain hunters who may not be the most engaged or dedicated students. Plus, the price won't matter when your courses aren't on track with your Ideal Client.

2. While having a variety of courses can sound appealing, you run the risk of creating multiple courses that aren't thoroughly researched or don't offer real value. This can dilute your brand and reputation as a course creator. Again, more courses won't matter when none of them are on track with your Ideal Client.

3. Spending a lot of money on marketing and advertising can quickly drain your resources with no guarantee of a return on investment. It's also a competitive space, with larger companies often dominating the ad space, leaving little room for smaller creators to make an impact. Not to sound redundant, but again, driving traffic to courses that are not aligned with your Ideal Client will never produce the results you desire.

Instead of relying on these usual solutions, it's important to focus on creating high-quality, engaging courses that truly stand out from the competition. This means investing time and effort into writing better copy and content, and finding innovative ways to connect with your target audience without breaking the bank.

What if there was a tool that could help you do both...

Introducing "The Ideal Client Map"
Revolutionize Your Course Creation Process and Skyrocket Your Income with The Ultimate IDEAL CLIENT MAP Tool: A Game-Changer for Aspiring Course Creators Ready to Dominate the Online Learning Market
Unleash the Power of The Ideal Client Map to Captivate and Connect with Your Audience Like Never Before

Pinpoint exactly what your students want to buy: Create courses that meet the specific needs and desires of your audience.

Map out precisely what to offer in your course: Create focused, high-value content that keeps students coming back for more.

Attract and retain a loyal following:  Offer a diverse library of courses that each appeal to different segment of your audience. 

Build a strong brand and reputation: Cater your courses to resonate with your Ideal Client's unique needs and preferences.

By now you might be wondering...

Who Is This Guy Really? And How Can He Help Me?

"Howdy, I'm Monte Armstrong and I have specific qualifications to help you start creating an ever growing library of highly focused and engaging courses that will make sales.

My 25+ years of successful retail sales experience started long before the first sales funnel was ever built. During that time I worked in 5 different industries which honed my skills in understanding customer needs and delivering valuable solutions.

With 8 years of 1:1 tutoring and creating custom instructional videos under my belt, I've gained the ability to effectively communicate complex concepts in a clear and understandable manner.

And now my intense research into visually organizing an Ideal Client Avatar has given me insights that help me understand and serve a target audience like there is no tomorrow.

With my diverse background and unique skill set, I am confident that I can help you create and grow a successful online course business. I am excited to share my mapping system and help you achieve your goals. Let's work together to make your course library a thriving source of income."

And that's enough talk about me...

Let's Look at What Other People Have Experienced 

"OMG! I got a sneak peek of this awesome tool! If you're into digital course creation, you need this tool to really hone in on your ideal client and the problem you are solving for them.!"

Anza Goodbar

"By filling in the boxes, I can see very quickly what should go where and does it play nicely together."

Steven Lai

Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get With The
"The Ideal Client Map"

The Ideal Client Map: The Perfect Start for Creating Great Courses 

This online training and mapping tool makes it a snap for you to identify your Ideal Client with laser precision so you can write the most compelling copy and content

($297 Value)

The Ideal Client PDF Map: The Perfectly Printable Handout You Can Simply Fill Out By Hand 

The PDF map file enables you to print out blank maps and fill in the details. Take it with you when you are away from your computer. Work on it anywhere, anytime, and get it done on your terms.

($19 Value)

The Marvelously Modifiable Mindomo Mind Map File: Copy - Modify - Repeat 

Import the mind map file into your favorite mind mapping tool or get a free Mindomo account. Make copies, fill them in, and move everything around to your liking.

($49 Value)

Total Value: $365 

ACT NOW And You'll Also Get These Bonus Trainings

The Thought Process: Emotional Trigger Visual Verification Map & Training 

This bonus mapping tool makes it easy to check if you are on the right track. Not only with your Ideal Client Avatar, but with anything that follows The Ideal Client Thought Process Framework. Use the Emotional Trigger Visual Verification Map to follow the thought process and make sure you don't go off track, with just a glance.

($99 Value)

The 5 W Questions: Product & Service Visual Alignment Map & Training 

Stop wasting time trying to figure out the perfect things to put in your offer. The 5WQ Map will steer you in the right direction by following The Ideal Client Map framework. You will quickly 'see' the emotional relationships between your Ideal Client and your solutions without spending a ton of brain power translating lists of words into coherent data.

($147 Value)

Total Value: $611 

But today, you're getting all of this... 

FOR ONLY: $27 

Get started with confidence because you're fully protected with my...

30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

"You'll have pinpoint accuracy in identifying your Ideal Client and what they want to buy, what exactly to include in your courses, and the framework to replicate the process over and over without hassle. If not, I'll give you a full refund - no questions asked, no hard feelings!"

Revolutionize Your Course Creation: Transform into a Course-Creating Guru with The Ideal Client Map tool and online training – Identify, Engage, and Duplicate for Success!
Let me guide you through the map
and make it easy for you to…

Pinpoint exactly what your students want to buy.

Write compelling copy that laser targets your students.

Easily replicate the process to create many courses.

Narrow down exactly what to include in your course.

Know which courses to create next to start growing your library.

Say goodbye to struggling through the same time-consuming process for each and every course you create.

And much, MUCH more awaits you!

Claim Your Access to The "The Ideal Client Map" Business Tool With Online Training Right Now
Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get With The
"The Ideal Client Map"

The Ideal Client Map                                             ($297 Value)

The Ideal Client PDF Map                                     ($19 Value)

The Mindomo Mind Map File                               ($49 Value)

The Thought Process                                             ($99 Value)

The 5 W Questions                                                 ($147 Value)

Total Value: $611 

But today, you're getting all of this... 

FOR ONLY: $27 

Chart your course to unstoppable income growth with the ultimate business tool for course creators. Sign up now and get ready to access online training and exclusive bonuses within minutes! With this game-changing tool, you can map out your courses and start engaging more with your students in no time. Don't wait any longer to kickstart your success!
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The Copy And Content Secrets training shows you how to use The Ideal Client Map to map out the perfect words that make any AI powered copy or content tool give you the best sales messages specifically targeting your Ideal Client.

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